Volunteer Opportunities

PIMB Leaders Lisa Uhrmacher and Tom Harris

PIMB Leaders Lisa Uhrmacher and Tom Harris

“It takes a village to raise a band.” says long-time band mom and PIMB leader, Lisa Uhrmacher.    Our village is our wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers who help water (and sometimes feed) our marching band, fit students for uniforms, chaperone at band events, assist judges for auditions, feed clinicians for special programs, load and unload equipment at events, drive the truck for marching band, raise money for the extras, and many, many thingsVolunteerswhich make events possible for our band students.   Volunteers help enrich the band experience for our students because they make more things possible, and being in band in high school will enrich the rest of their lives even if they do not continue to play music with an ensemble after high school.

Volunteering for the band is a great way to meet the fun, talented kids with whom your student is spending a lot of time.  It is also a great way to make new friends yourself.

Please note that the Park Hill School District has a new Volunteer Screening process to which our volunteers must also comply to keep our students safe.   Please see the Volunteer Screening Information Page on the Park Hill District Website for more information.

Contact Tom Harris, our volunteer coordinator, to find out now what opportunities are available to you, and watch this page for sign-up opportunities as well.