District Student Transportation Policy

Parents & Students:

I wanted to tell you the District Policy on transporting students.

I have attached a private transportation form for you use if needed.

1.  Students may drive to IN-DISTRICT (within the Park Hill School District Boundary) events from home and may be dropped off by other students or parents without private transportation form on file.

2.  Students may drive home from an IN-DISTRICT event without a private transportation form on file.  Students may return home in the same vehicle with the same passengers without a private transportation form.  Parents may take students home without a private transportation form on file.

3.  Students may NOT drive to an OUT-OF-DISTRICT event.  Parents may transport their own children without a Private Transportation form on file.  Parents may NOT transport other students to an OUT-OF-DISTRICT event without a private transportation form on file.

4.  Volunteers must have a background check completed by the school district to be near or with other students other than their own.

5.  If a staff member drives a student in a rental vehicle you must have a student transportation form on file (different than private transportation).  If a staff member uses their own vehicle to transport students a private transportation form needs to be on file.

Many parents have had questions about this topic so I wanted to communicate with you.


Dr. Miller