Marching Band Weekly update 10/07/18

Hello Band Families:

Yesterday was a long day for all of us – exhilarating, soggy and tiring! Your students were simply outstanding yesterday, both on and off the field at the Valhalla Marching Festival. PHS placed third in prelims (only 3 points behind first), with first place in Division C for the woodwind duet and wind performance (all brass and woodwinds), and with the highest overall ranking for musicality among all bands.

With weather coming, we pushed ahead, but were called off the field for safety reasons as we were about to perform in the finals. The band was super pumped and prepared for an amazing finals performance. Thank you to your students, the staff and our parent volunteers for remaining calm, professional and keeping everyone safe. Special thanks to the students and volunteers team who pushed the equipment and loaded the truck in the pelting rain.

PLEASE – find your student’s uniform bag, unpack and layout all the uniform items, gloves, hats, gauntlets, shoes jackets and bibbers and allow them to air-dry them out completely. They will mold if left unattended. Instruments should be removed from their cases and dried out, wiped down and taken care of to prevent damage.

Upcoming Dates:

PIMB Meeting – tomorrow evening, Monday Oct 8 at 6.30 pm

Please join us for the PIMB Parent Booster meeting at PHS tomorrow night, in the Theory Room at PHS. We would love to see you to discuss all the activities for the next few weeks! All are welcome.

Directors’ Announcements:

  • Thank you to everyone who helped this weekend! It would have not been possible without you.
  • As stated above, please air out uniforms, cases, and instruments.
  • October 9
    • Practice during class
    • Evening rehearsal at PHS from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • October 11
    • Practice during class
  • October 12
    • Truck load at 3:00pm
  • October 13 – Park Hill District Marching Festival Performance
    • 6:00pm – Truck unload
    • 6:15pm – Call time (we will meet in the PHHS auditorium)
    • 6:30pm – Uniform Inspection
    • 6:45pm – Warm Up
    • 8:00pm – Perform
    • 8:15pm – Awards
    • 8:45pm – Return to the auditorium for dismissal
  • Please look for an email later this week with specifics about parking.

Volunteer Opportunities!

Thinking ahead – Cappuccino Night is November 19, and will include a silent auction. Please start to be on the lookout for donations from businesses you own, or frequent. Restaurant gift cards, Event tickets, Professional Services, Décor Items all make great auction items. Please e-mail Dawn Cornelius with questions , more information to come.

As always, we appreciate your gift of time and talents, and your students appreciate all you do to make our Band program across both campuses such a high-quality experience. The extra things you enable make a huge difference to your students. Everyone has something to offer, and it does take a village to raise a band

Remember to check Facebook – “Park Hill South Bands”, or our home page “” for photos, updates and news. As always, please feel free to call or email me with questions or suggestions.

Your PIMB President

Lisa Uhrmacher

+1 816 886 8170