Marching Band Weekend Update 8/25/18

Mr. Gillespie has provided the following update regarding the Marching Band activities this weekend.


I hope everyone is enjoying getting back into the swing of the school year. Here is the update for both of our events this weekend.
5:15pm – Call time and warm up
5:45pm – March to the athletic fields
6:00pm – Jamboree
6:30pm – Performanse for spectators and football team
6:45pm – March back to the band room
7:00pm – Dismissed
8:00am – Call time & Instructions
8:15am – Uniform inspection
8:30am – Load busses
8:45am – Depart PHS
9:00am – Line up for parade
10:00am – Parade steps off
11:00am – End of parade?
11:15am – Return to PHS?
11:30am – Dismissed?
We are towards the front of the parade. Our busses will park near Carquest Auto Parts or just south of there on Jefferson Avenue for anyone meeting us at the event. This being my first year, I’m not sure how long it takes to get through the parade route, but I would be very surprised if we arrive back at PHS past 12:00pm. Parades are often a hurry up to wait situation.
Students should be well-rested, hydrated, and eat breakfast before the event.  
I would like to take a moment to thank Coach Sharp and the entire football staff for inviting us to the Jamboree. I truly believe the more our programs support each other, the better experience it is for all of the students involved.
Lastly, the spirit wear sale through KCLogoWare has been extended to Friday! I will add the link below. I hope to see everyone this weekend. Thank you for all your support!
Thank you,
Mr. Andrew Gillespie