Measuring Students for New Band Uniforms

As mentioned in our previous email, the Park Hill Board of Education passed the funding for our new uniforms. We’re very excited for this new chapter for the Panther Marching Band. Normally we would have completed the measurement for the order during 4th quarter.  Unfortunately, this means that we may not have the uniforms back for this fall Marching Season.  Despite this possible delay, we have decided to move forward with measuring our current set of students to create the uniforms. The main reason we have to do this is because the uniform company needs a data set to know the average size of our band member to create the sizing for our uniform inventory. If they can fulfill our order as soon as possible, they will already be tailored to our current students. The earlier we complete this process the better, because it could help us avoid another possible delay.

To complete this process in the safest and most accurate way possible, we’re asking for help from our parents and guardians. We will send out a training video which will go through the measuring requirements (link will be posted here soon).

We are asking for everyone to sign up for appointment on July 10th or 13th.  At this appointment, from a safe distance you will measure your student in front of one of the band staff at Park Hill South. This step is important to help us maintain quality control. We want to make sure the data sample for the uniform company is consistent and accurate.

If you’re traveling or not available on one of those dates, we completely understand. Please contact Mr. Gillespie to schedule an alternate appointment.

Please know the staff will take every safety precaution possible by wearing masks, gloves, and cleaning measuring equipment between groups. Please let me know if you have any questions. I know these last few months have been difficult, but please know our Panther Band Family is here for your students.

Link to Uniform Sign Up:  Sign-up for a Time on Sign-Up Genius Here.