PHS Band Update 03312019



This is a big week for our program. Please make sure to double check all of the information provided.

First, please help us congratulate all of our students who performed at the District Solo and Ensemble last Friday. Students receiving Exemplary will be traveling to Columbia on April 25 to perform at the State Solo & Ensemble event.

The schedule below has all of the information for our MSHSAA Large Group performances at Staley High School this week. Please note that students need to eat prior to the call time.

Also, please take time to read information from our Drive 4 UR School committee.


April 2

  • Band room open for practice/State Solo and Ensemble prep until 4:30pm

April 3

  • Symphonic Band will have 5th lunch! Please set up at the beginning of the block.
  • Concert Band will still have 1st lunch. 
  • Concert Band MSHSAA Large Group Performance at Staley H.S.
    • 5:00pm Call Time at South
    • 5:15pm Depart for Staley H.S.
    • 6:45pm Warm Up
    • 7:10pm Perform
    • 7:35pm Sight Read
    • 8:30pm – 9:00pm Approximate return to South

April 5

  • Symphonic Band MSHSAA Large Group Performance at Staley H.S.
    • 5:00pm Call Time at South
    • 5:15pm Depart for Staley H.S.
    • 5:50pm Watch Staley Symphonic Band Performance
    • 6:40pm Warm Up
    • 7:05pm Perform
    • 7:30pm Sight Read
    • 8:30pm – 9:00pm Approximate return to South

April 6

  • Drive 4 UR School


From our Drive 4 UR School Committee

This coming Saturday, April 6th is our Drive 4 UR School Event from 9am-4pm at Park Hill South!

Nothing to buy…just a quick test drive of a new Ford vehicle by a licensed driver age 18+ is all that it takes for Ford to donate $20 to our band program.  We promise you will not be called, emailed, or mailed anything!

We are trying to meet our goal of 300 drivers to reach the maximum $6000 that Ford will donate to our band program.

So, we need EVERYONE to help send or bring drivers to the event.  If everyone commits to getting 2 drivers to the event, we will meet our goal.

Please remember that Ford limits our drivers to 1 adult per household.  So, grab a neighbor and bring them with you, ask a grandparent, co-worker etc.  Students that are 18 are allowed to test drive too.  (Seniors…this is most of you!)  The event is on the band Facebook page and can be shared from there as well.


As an added incentive, students who have 2 or more drivers participate will be entered into a drawing for Meyer Music gift cards.  Every 2 drivers gets you an entry.  So, 10 drivers gets you 5 entries!


Let make this the year that we max out and get the full $6000! ACTIVELY ask anyone you can think of to join us on Saturday.

Want to volunteer?  See this article for details

The weather forecast looks great…a 70 degree Spring day!

— Julie Montalbano & Annie Williamson, Co-Chairs


District Solo & Ensemble Results


Events were judged and given a standing on a rating scale: Exemplary, Outstanding, Satisfactory, Developing, and Ineffective. All events receiving an Exemplary will perform at the State event on April 25.


Exemplary – Solos

Sydney Boutz – French Horn

Luke Boyd – Xylophone

Kristen Clevenger – Trumpet

Anna Cooper – Piano

Jillian Garrett – Flute

Megan Harris – Clarinet

Connor Henry – Euphonium

Jacob Magyar – Tuba

Mercedes McGonigle – Clarinet

Amy Montalbano – French Horn

Sara Montalbano – Trumpet

Luke Moyes – Timpani

Charlie Scott – Marimba

Charlie Scott – Piano

Kendra Slaughter – Flute

Kendra Slaughter – Piccolo

Brook Tiedt – Flute

Mia Toigo – Clarinet

Peyton Traphagan – Euphonium

Alex Ware – Vibraphone

Connor Willis – Flute

Tyler Wolfe – Trombone


Exemplary Ensembles

Brass Quintet – Kristen Clevenger, Sara Montalbano, Tyler Wolfe, Jamal Zlitni, and Sydney Boutz

Flute Quarter – Kendra Slaughter, Brook Tiedt, Jillian Garrett, and Ashlyn Rancudo

Percussion Ensemble – Trey Breshears, Savannah Bourn, Luke Moyes, and Evan Atchison

Saxophone Quartet – Aidan Lueth, Sophie Schulze, Zach Ringo, and Nathan Shaw

Woodwind Quartet  – Kiana Fernandes, Kendra Slaughter, Toby Frick, and David Stone


Outstanding Solos

Cole Minton – Trombone

Glen Wright – Horn

Nash Bickford – Trumpet

Rachel Kriz – Tuba

Vincent Morrione – Trumpet

Megan Parrott – Clarinet

Amanda Reece – Clarinet

Celia Cooper – Oboe

Jillian Garrett – Piccolo

Andrew Harris – Tenor Saxophone

Kiana Fernandes – Clarinet


Satisfactory Solos

Dane Uhrmacher – Trombone

David Stone – Bassoon

Savannah Bourn – Timpani


Satisfactory Ensembles

Saxophone Trio – Sophie Schulze, Haley Wewers, and Emily Williamson


Thank you for your time and reading this whole email. I hope to see everyone April 6!


Ever onward and upward,

Mr. Andrew Gillespie