PHS Band Update 11162020


I apologize for this being late this week. The most urgent item is we will now be taking a group photo for the yearbook. This will be in the gym spread out on the court. We will have two photos in the yearbook, one for the A group and one for the B group. They will be taking place this Thursday and Friday during our regular class time. We’re asking students to wear their concert blacks for the photo. I have provided a reminder below for what that looks like. Students will have the opportunity to change into normal clothes once we’ve finished the photo

What is Concert Black?

Black dress pants, skirt, or dress (skirt length is at the knee or longer)

Black dress shirt (collar, buttons, and long sleeves), sweater, or blouse

Black socks or black opaque stockings

Black shoes

Black jackets, ties or scarves are welcome, but not mandatory

What is NOT Concert Black?

Jeans, sweats, yoga pants, mini-skirts or shorts

T-shirts, tank tops, or spaghetti straps

Flip-flops, runners or black runners with colored stripes or logo

White socks, colored socks, or sans-socks, bare legs or feet