Band update 100820

Thank you for being patient during this strange year. We’re now confident that the schedule has been finalized for Friday. Here is the schedule for this weekend.


6:00pm – Call time at District Stadium

6:45pm – Pre-Game

7:00pm – Kick-Off

8:00pm – Approximate Halftime

9:45pm – Approximate end of game


The entire band will stay to the end of the game. We will perform during halftime, which is not always the case at homecoming games in previous years. Only seniors will be allowed to have spectators. Each senior will receive two tickets at practice this week. The B group received them Wednesday , the A group will receive them Thursday. Please remember you will be sitting in the away stands, as the home stands are reserved for the senior class. We will have a truck for percussion and tubas.



8:30am – Call Time

8:45am – Warm Up/Practice

10:00am – Watch PHHS Perform

10:30am – Line Up

10:45am – Perform for PHHS & Judges

11:00am – Clinic with Judges

11:15am – Perform for PHS Spectators


To help us avoid mixing spectators and PHHS students in the stands at the same time, our performance for the judges will not be open to families. We will perform for our families at 11:15am. We are asking to please wait until the PHHS Band has departed before entering the stadium. If you wait until 11:00am, this should allow plenty of time for them to vacate the area. District policy is still only two spectators per student. We will not have physical tickets for this performance.




Mr. Andrew Gillespie